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Speak well of yourself. Speak well of others


In life,

like I say,

speak well of yourself

speak well of others

there is nothing stopping you

but your own actions,

your own words


Do you know what harm you do to yourself

that you do to others

when you don’t respect what God gave you,

the ties He bound

Speak well of yourself

Speak well of others

Create your share of joy in the world


Do you really want to cause yourself pain

Do you really want to cause pain to others

look within your heart

look deep within your heart 
From where comes this need to put yourself down

saying you’re too fat,

not pretty enough

not stylish enough

not rich enough


From where comes this need to speak hurtfully about another

Do you really know his situation

If you knew,

You would throw away

Your awful thoughts

that harmful poison

You would realise that your words hurt

hurt those just like you

a being looking for joy

We are all bound


A good heart, a good word, a kind gesture

go much further to bring about joy and love

as much in your spirit

as in the spirit of each and every one

This Spirit by which we are all bound


Listen to It

Do no more harm

Repare your offenses

and continue in peace

That is what I wish for you

Shelley Rudderham

translated May 19 2014


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