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Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year to all visitors! Let’s see what 2017 will bring us!

2016 was a very eventful year to say the least!!

The year started with my new son-in-law spending so much of his time, talent, energy and creativity building this bilingual web site for me. Not a small task! I very much appreciate this and also the helping hand of my lovely creative daughter, his wife. I love my site and appreciate all you visitors! They also designed my business cards which I am very pleased with!

We were very happy to hear that my daughter and son-in-law had wanted to get married. And, even though their wedding ceremony was private, their reception was shared with the families on February 14.  It was beautifully decorated with many DIY projects. After our home, aka the work shop, was topsy turvy for a few months getting the evening prepared, it certainly payed off. The reception area was beautiful with white flowers, and gold, silver and black decorations. Everyone was dressed to the nines and there was a special photo shoot room where there was much fun, laughter and beautiful smiles caught on camera.  The food was delicious and abundant. It was a majestic evening for the beautiful bride and groom and the intimate number of people who attended.

Then March brought a well deserved vacation to Cuba for my husband and I and a few family members and friends. I actually got to read a book just for pleasure!! Our last evening there was the historical day that Obama went to meet Castro in Havana. We weren’t in the same city but we thought it was pretty cool to be in the same country for that notable day of which an American president  went to Cuba.

June brought with it the year end school concerts. It was so much fun to participate in my school’s concert (I’ m a teacher.) and to see the wonderful job my friends (and colleagues) did with the concerts at their schools.   This was a particularly exhausting year, so I then basically slept for four weeks except to go to my niece’s beautiful wedding on July 2.

At the end of July, with my energy back, we went to visit my dad two provinces away. He was feeling alright, but not the best. My aunt thought he had probably had had a stroke a couple of months earlier. I read a couple of my books at their Home Coming Festival. I enjoyed doing that. We had beautiful weather in the beautiful province of Quebec and enjoyed our activities with our relatives.

August was busy with more readings and travel. I so enjoyed reading to a group with such a great variety of ages at an Acadian festival. After that, we shopped in Kittery and came back home with full suitcases before heading to another province for a fun couple’s golf tournament.  A good thing the weather cooperated.

Back to school in September and busy, busy with planning another daughter’s wedding shower, bachelorette, and helping with wedding plans for October 15. It was also busy because my daughter designed my bookmarkers and banner to be printed in time for a Word-on-the-Street festival where my books were displayed and sold. I am very pleased with the way they turned out!!

In October, I participated in a Family Forum Day by giving workshops and did something similar at the end of the month during a Franco Festival where I also participated in a book fair and in my first ’round table’.   Back to the family stuff…

This wedding was grandiose.  The beautiful wedding took place in a church.  Such pretty fall pictures were taken outside by a heart shaped pond. Then, we headed to the impressive facilities where the cocktail hour, dining and dancing all took place in different rooms.(Ballroom, dining hall and dance hall)

Then it was the baby shower/reveal for the daughter who’s reception we had in February.  All went so well with the games, socializing and more great food! Our sweet grandson was born just over a week later, in November. So exciting! Another wonderful baby to join our clan.

This happened just after my mother-in-law had fallen more ill, my husband spent the best quality time with her and then she passed away. My husband and firstborn daugther went to Florida, again, during a historical presidential moment; the Election Day! This daughter has travelled quite a bit since coming to visit my father at the end of July and being a great help during the Holidays while my father was in Intensive care.

My dad progressively got sicker in the fall until he ended up in intensive care on December 17 with heart failure. A few days later, he was flown to a hospital specializing in heart and respitory problems. Four weeks later, we just found out, that he is progressing well enough that he should be flown back to his hometown hospital until he recovers even more. This could take a long time.

So that was 2016 for us. 2017 is looking much quieter with our third grandchild on the way!




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