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Live a happy life

Join in on the party of life! At the root of it all, good thoughts=good actions and reactions = better outcome
It’s harder for you to see the sunshine through the clouds. Go to where the sun is shining.    You can do it!

I’ve been reading ‘Key to Yourself’ by Venice Bloodworth. It was originally written in 1952 and it talks about the Law of Attraction which we hear so much about.

This book belonged to my mother who also enjoyed reading these types of books.  It talks about how important our thoughts are and that anything a person has ever created has first come from an idea.  That idea comes to life when we focus on it, imagine it and bring it into being by believing whole heartedly in it, without letting obstacles get in the way. Even with feelings, if we get angry, which we all do, it blocks us in that moment from being happy, feeling good about ourselves and having good ideas. We are the ones who pay. It’s the same with any negative feeling or thought. So acknowledge it and let it go as soon as possible. I’ve learned in the past, the longer you hang on to it, the harder it is to let it go. So make sure you are hanging on to a good one. Negative thoughts and feelings are not the way to live our life.

So let go of what brings you down and breathe in light and sunshine. Let happiness, love and abundance fill your thoughts and hearts. I learned to meditate on an abundance of manageable good things. For me, meditating on abundance alone brought me an abundance of all things. My life became overwhelmingly busy. It doesn’t mean that that is what would happen to you.

I’ll close with some quotes I enjoy from this book on how we reap what we sow.

«…you can always make a new start and create new conditions by changing your subconscious impressions (thoughts you have hung onto, basically). If you have thought failure, think success; replace sick thoughts with thoughts of health. If there is any reason for unhappiness, resolutely put it out of your mind, for LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, and the more you think of discordant conditions, the more such conditions will manifest for you. CONCENTRATE ON WHAT YOU WANT. …NEVER dwell on what you DO NOT WANT….When you want to raise cabbage in your garden you PLANT cabbage seed.» p. 33-35


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