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Compassion lessons from cute sheep!

We can learn compassion every day in the most unexpected ways. I just saw this shared video. Take a look at how cute these sheep are and how they teach us compassion in their so natural and fun ways!

Just being there and interacting in their lighthearted ways, the sheep pleasantly helped others.  The same touching moments happen with people of all ages.  I am a teacher of 8-9 year old children and sometimes there are conflicts between them.  The other day, two were irritating one another during a quiet reading time to the point that one actually tapped the other’s hand.  When I  asked them to come aside to speak with one another to resolve the issue, the following is what happened.

Angry student 1 said that what bothered her/him was that the other was purposely taking up space to make him/her angry. Student 1 seemed to expect that student 2 was going to be diffensive.  Instead, taking in the message, student 2 sincerely said : “I am sorry I made you mad.”  Student 1 was surprised and touched. After a moment, teary eyed, he/she said  ” I am sorry I hit your hand.” They both felt much better. Then student 1 needed a moment to recuperate from the shared caring moment.

That is part of the wonderful moments of being a teacher.


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