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Happy New Year 2018!!

As the New Year begins, we hope you are in a place where you can feel optimistic; hopeful for wonderful things to come your way . We can set new goals to get us in as best shape physically, mentally and spiritually as is possible. As we...

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Thanksgiving 2017

Happy  Thanksgiving to all ! May you're 'horn of plenty' be full and may you be able appreciate it!  Sometimes it takes effort to look around and to look inside of one's self  to see all the good happening in our lives. This is especially true if...

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Live a happy life

Join in on the party of life! At the root of it all, good thoughts=good actions and reactions = better outcome It's harder for you to see the sunshine through the clouds. Go to where the sun is shining.    You can do it! I've been reading 'Key...

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Compassion lessons from cute sheep!

We can learn compassion every day in the most unexpected ways. I just saw this shared video. Take a look at how cute these sheep are and how they teach us compassion in their so natural and fun ways! Just being there and interacting in their...

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Encouraging good reading habits (Kumon)

(Click on link below.) As a teacher, mom and now, grandmom, I know how important it is to help develop good reading habits in children from the beginning of their little lives. I found an article from Kumon, an organisation that helps children to develop better reading...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

May your heart be able to see all the goodness and abundance in your life! Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Here's an article I found from Time that I thought you might enjoy. HEALTH RESEARCH Why Being Thankful Is Good for You Alexandra Sifferlin @acsifferlin Nov. 23, 2015 Research shows the...

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At my table with my  new banner and my books!

An enjoyable day at Forum en famille en santé

It was a relaxed enjoyable day at Forum en famille en santé today  (Healthy family forum)  at École du Sommet! People were doing yoga, learning healthy cooking tricks, getting their feet pampered, catching up with friends while listening to nice soft music, enjoying a buffet style...

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lincoln Pâques 2016

The love of reading starts very young

My grandson is only 9 1/2 months old here.  Stories are read to him every night and often during the day. I just love this picture taken of him absorbed in his new books on his new Spiderman chair! At bedtime, he cuddles up to...

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Staying humble and kind

Staying humble and kind is such a beautiful song by Tim McGraw! It shares the message of having good values. There are sooo many wonderful people in our world who spread their positive touches. It's very encouraging. Way to go humanity!...

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20 Inspiring Quotes About Reading for Kids and Students

This is an interesting article I found published on SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 by MICHAEL STUTMAN. I encourage you to take a look.   Reading is Fundamental.  In fact, it is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be. Reading develops your brain, provides a...

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Happy Easter to all! I hope you're enjoying the long week-end and the sun! (Some have had lots of snow)...

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The Random Acts of Kindness

Great ways teachers can help kids spread kindness can be found at the link below. The Random Acts of Kindness week was from February 14-20 but it's never too late to apply these ideas. Have fun! I really believe the students will enjoy these activities!

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The importance of our words

'Want to know the effect of our words on one another? Children and adults alike have been touched by this story and the questions at the end. Check out 'A Poem that Changed a Village a Long, Long Time Ago' at :  I wrote the poems then the...

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Earth angels in my life

I am blessed to have special people in my life helping me voluntarily to get what needs to be done for my series The Adventures of the Virtuous Earth Angels. One such person is Luc. He helped me a great deal with the books and brought...

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My New Business Card!

Woohoo!! I love my new business cards! Thank you so much to Melanie, my daughter, and her new hubby Ziggy!!  I hope you like them too. ...

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Students singing Acadian National hymn

Our enthousiastic group of students from École du Grand-Portage did a wonderful job at learning the Acadian National hymn in just 2 weeks! This project that Luc Deon and myself took on was to make this video to accompany the story ‘The Most Special Ball Game Ever in Acadia‘...

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Charity (1) (1)

I Absolutely Love Jala!

I love this drawing of Jala! (She was first named Charity.) My daughter Melanie drew her in the spring of 2014. Jala is the main character in the second story I wrote. I wrote this story, A Happy Heart, after my students asked me to read...

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Welcome to My New Website

So this is my first blog ever!  I am extending a warm welcome to all of you to my new web site that I am so happy to be sharing with you! A huge thank you to my new son-in-law for putting in countless of...

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