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Shelley Rudderham


Shelley Rudderham was born in Bathurst, New Brunswick where she was raised in a bilingual environment along with her three sisters. During her Junior high school years, her family moved to Sydney Nova Scotia which seemed to be at the other end of the world. That is where she met her husband to be. They married and now have three beautiful bilingual daughters who are now at the ages to start their own families. Shelley and Joe lived in Halifax, then grew their family in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia before moving back to the Halifax area seven years later.

Ever since Shelley was a very young girl, she was always concerned with the well being of others. Her mother called her and her twin sister ‘the peace makers’. Shelley has always enjoyed having fun with her friends and family, playing sports, listening to music and being in nature.


Upon graduating from High school, she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and worked for an Insurance company. When her firstborn started school, Shelley felt called to become a school teacher. She has been an elementary school teacher at the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial since 1997. She believes that every child is unique and that success and growth come from courage and perseverance. As such, she focuses on building self-esteem and confidence through modeling these values for every child. Since reading is also very important, she and her husband had read to their daughters from the time they were born. Since becoming a teacher, she has obtained a Master’s degree in Education in 2005 and a certification in Reading Recovery and is now planning on continuing her education as she continues to teach.

How did the stories of the ‘Adventures of the Virtuous Earth Angels’ series come into play? Shelley wrote her first story after reading about a Christmas story contest for adults and she won. She wrote her second story when her grade 3 students asked her to read them another one of her stories. The rest flowed naturally while she was on a 6 month paid-into vacation from work. Children show great interest in the series ‘The Adventures of the Virtuous Earth Angels’, children’s books that captivate their interest while bringing out the best in everyone. It does this while touching on different cultures, diversity, time and interest for boys and girls.


Shelley Rudderham is so appreciative about having received the prestigious award from MOM’S CHOICE AWARDS for the full series!! Her children’s books series is known for it’s uplifting and inspiring messages. The books have been recognized as valuable teaching tools and therefore can be found on the Nova Scotia School Book Bureau list. They are also in many Canadian schools, libraries, stores and homes and are available upon request. Books have been donated to Schools as far as Africa. They have enjoyed these readings so much that they have asked for more.